Student Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

PT and PTA Affiliations

  • Program Overview

    • Movement for Life Physical Therapy is proud to partner and develop relationships with PT and PTA schools across the U.S. We have over 100 eligible clinical instructors across our locations in AZ, CA, and NC and look forward to providing clinical affiliation opportunities across your educational journey. 

    • With our currently contracted schools, we work to provide pre-reserved slot requests for all students in their 3rd year/Final year of their PT program and will communicate those through your program's process (either Exatt or email forms).  For all other affiliation requests (1st year/2nd year PT students and PTA students), we provide slots on a first-come first-served basis with the receipt of a completed application. We do ask for a letter of recommendation for affiliations over 4 weeks in duration to accompany the application.

  • Specialty rotation opportunities

    • Hand Therapy in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, and Templeton, CA: Clinical instructors include 2 Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) with a 100% UE caseload. Learn to perform a thorough exam across varied conditions including repetitive use injury trauma, post-operative care, and exposure to splinting/bracing. Special project assignments to assist those interested in sitting/preparing for the CHT exam. ** Accepted students will commute between 2 of the 3 locations depending on CI**
    • Vestibular Physical Therapy in Morro Bay and Templeton, CA: Certified and Emory-Trained Vestibular Specialists with primarily vestibular caseload and a light mix of concussion, outpatient neuro, and orthopedic patients.
    • Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Candler, NC: Women's Health trained provider with mixed pelvic health and orthopedic caseload

Reach out to our SCCE  Kallie Slette PT, DPT, OCS at kalahan.slette(at) or 805-242-8462. For Programs looking to initiate or renew contracts with Movement for Life Physical Therapy please reach out to M4L-Education(at)

  • Program Opportunities

    • Experience additional exposure and time with CI’s treating specialty populations (ex: CHT Hand Therapist(s) and Team, Parkinson’s boxing, Vestibular Therapy, Pelvic Health, Pediatrics etc..) *Based on clinic state/location*  Observe our trained providers in advanced techniques like blood flow restriction, dry needling, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, advanced manual therapy,  sport-specific and functional- based therapeutic exercise, and activities

    • Access to Everflex Health - Our patented online platform that includes clinical patterns injury classification, self-help injury recovery and prevention, and is reviewed and verified  by the Orthopedic Section of the APTA 

    • Access to continuing education materials through the PhysioU platform

    • Surgical observations (region/site-specific and based on availability) and exposure to post-surgical protocol application with our regional referral sources 

    • Participate in community events, local injury risk screening, and movement assessment with club and high school teams

    • Regional social and networking events with students from all Programs. Past events include: Group workouts, Climbs and Cases (hike with case study discussion), and Brews and knowledge bites (happy hour and skills lab topic discussion).


High School and Undergraduate Student Experience

  • Movement for Life Physical Therapy is excited to offer placement of students in pre-physical therapy, kinesiology, health-science (etc) undergraduate programs, as well as high-school students in medical industry pathway programs that are looking for internships for credit focused on practical experiences in the Physical Therapy profession outside of the traditional classroom setting. 

  • Interested students should explore our locations to outline your prioritized placement requests, complete our Volunteer Application and submit the application to M4L-Education(at) for consideration. 

  • For Programs looking to initiate or renew Learning Site Agreements/Internship Training Agreements with Movement for Life Physical Therapy please reach out to M4L-Education(at)


Volunteer Experiences

Movement for Life Physical Therapy is committed to the progression of the Physical Therapy profession and welcomes volunteer opportunities across the clinics for undergraduate/high school students seeking hours for exposure to our great teams, our clinics, and our profession. Please complete and submit our Volunteer Application to M4L-Education(at)