Arthritis & Prehab Program for Total Joint Replacement


Physical Therapy treatment for arthritis can address multiple impairments including loss of motion, strength deficits, and pain.


Therapy includes:

  • exercise

  • manual therapy techniques

  • joint protection instruction

  • bracing

Modalities as needed:

  • ultrasound

  • electrical stimulation

  • heat and ice

  • assistance with weight reduction, which has been shown to improve arthritis pain.

Physical therapy is commonly used both before and after arthritis-related surgeries and at times may be able to assist with postponing or preventing the need for surgical interventions.

We also offer specific treatment programs (known as Prehab) to prepare individuals for joint replacement surgery and work to support a speedy and successful recovery. These visits provide an overview of the rehabilitation process and introduce you to exercise, assistive device use and other precautions that may be necessary after your surgery.