Workers' Compensation


We understand the needs of employers and injured workers and take the responsibility to get you back on the job fast.

Volumes of evidence are available demonstrating there is a better way to manage musculoskeletal conditions. We know that if an employee with a musculoskeletal condition received physical therapy first, we can save employers healthcare dollars, employees less time away from work, require less physical therapy intervention (as well as many other downstream healthcare services), and most importantly a faster return to work and function with less side effects from invasive treatments like injections, surgeries and prescription medications.

We want to be a part of a revolution to change musculoskeletal care management by bringing early, effective, low cost and less invasive treatment options to employers and workers in our communities we serve. We know we can do this with evidence-based conservative care and prevention strategies.


Early physical therapy has been proven to:

  • reduce cost, surgeries, injections, and prescription medication use

  • get employees back to work faster


The Movement for Life Difference

Immediate Scheduling

We know time matters, the longer it takes to start therapy, statistically the worse the outcome and the higher the cost to manage the injury. We will schedule your evaluation no more than 48 hours from receiving your referral/call – guaranteed!

Delays in authorization will not deter us from seeing injured workers immediately. We will get an injured worker in while authorization is pending. It’s too important to get them started to wait!


Quality of Care

Both our functional outcomes as well as our patient satisfaction scores are well above national averages in our industry. We’re good at what we do!

  • Evidenced by our participation in the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) Quality Payment Program (QPP) utilizing the Keet Health Outcomes Platform. All our clinics voluntarily participate in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) from 2019-present. This program requires the collection of data from patients with musculoskeletal injuries, of all insurance types, related to their functional outcome change prior to and throughout their physical therapy care.
  • In our most recently published MIPS scores (2019), All our clinics had a lower “failure to progress” rate on all functional outcome survey categories compared to national benchmark averages. Failure to progress is defined as the proportion of patient's failing to meet a minimal clinically important difference in their functional outcome score over their course of care. Our “failure to progress” rates ranged between 6-24% less than the national average based on clinic location and body region of the injury. This means that more patients had a significant functional improvement when under the care of Movement for Life providers, than the national average across all other physical therapy clinics.

High Patient Satisfaction

  • Evidenced by the Net Promoter Scores collected over the 2019-current time period. Our clinics have demonstrated top quartile/exceptional performance in patient satisfaction
  • Evidenced that range from +80.58-+100, with an average of +92.04 in comparison to cited industry standards.(Source 1) (Source 2) (Source 3) These industry standards list average NPS scores ranging from 61-75 for healthcare industries most closely matching the services provided by our locations

Here is some of the evidence that guides our approach to early, effective physical therapy interventions: