Our Cardiopulmonary Program promotes maximal levels of function for individuals with cardiopulmonary related health problems. Each patient is evaluated by a licensed physical therapist to establish baseline fitness levels and safety for exercise. Ultimately, the goal of this program is to transition patients from a medically supervised exercise environment to an independent gym or home-based activity program.


Evaluation includes:

  • Review of past medical history and current condition
  • Cardiopulmonary response to activity – assessment of vital signs at rest and response to exercise (Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation)
  • Upper and lower extremity strength
  • General flexibility tests to identify joint and/or muscle impairments
  • Fall / Balance Risk


Physical therapy includes:

  • Improving functional capacity
  • Improving limitations noted in evaluation (e.g. increasing strength, range of motion, and balance)
  • Educating patients on recommended exercise parameters as well as a safe physiologic response to exercise and activity